Step into
the future




Sales Revenue – Up 9% at constant currency.


Underlying Profit – Up 10% at constant currency.


Return on Capital Invested – Up 0.2 percentage points at constant currency.


Cash Flow from Operations – Down US$528.5m.

22.75 US cents per share

Total Dividends – Final dividend of 12.00 US cents per share.



Brambles Injury Frequency Rate (BIFR) – Down from 5.0 in FY21


10th most sustainable company in the world

Maximum AAA rating
Top 8% of companies assessed

2nd most sustainable company in DJSI index sector category

A- in its Forests

Ellen MacArthur Foundation (achieved A-)

Inaugural recipient
of Terra Carta Seal

Letter from the Chair & CEO

In the face of significant global supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures unseen in over 40 years, we continued playing a critical role in global supply chains and delivered strong financial outcomes for shareholders. This has only reinforced the importance of our transformation agenda as we step into the future, reinventing pooling for the supply chains of tomorrow.

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How Brambles Creates Value

Brambles’ ambition is to pioneer regenerative supply chains with reuse, resilience, and regeneration at its core. Using the power of its circular business model, network advantage, and expertise, Brambles transforms key inputs into significant sources of value for stakeholders.

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Shaping Our Future

Building from strong foundations, Brambles is accelerating the Shaping Our Future transformation programme to meet its strategic ambition of reinventing pooling solutions for the supply chains of tomorrow.

Brambles is taking a twin-track approach to unlock value for customers and shareholders: optimising the existing business as well as building the 'Brambles of the Future'. Progress of the specific Shaping Our Future programme initiatives and measures of success can be found here.

The goal for optimising the existing business is to deliver increased returns and fund investment in innovation through higher productivity, better ways of working, and improved capabilities. Building the 'Brambles of the Future' aims to create new business capabilities and identify new sources of growth. This will increase the resilience of Brambles’ business and the value it brings to fast-moving supply chains around the world.

Approach to Transformation

In recent years, Brambles has created a more resilient, agile and sustainable business model. This strength has been demonstrated by strong business and financial performance through FY21 and FY22 in the face of challenging operating environments. Brambles has proven to be a winner in this fast-changing world. Its global leadership has been reinforced during the pandemic, and its inherently circular model makes it a pioneer in the sustainable supply chains of the future.

The transformation is making Brambles even better, to drive a step-change in value creation. It is making Brambles better for its customers, its employees, its shareholders and the societies in which it operates. The Board and management team have made a clear commitment to review every part of the business, to transform the performance of the current business model and to invest to create the Brambles that will continue to be an industry leader for many years to come.

Harness the power of data and digital insights to unlock new sources of value for Brambles and its customers

  • Deploying asset digitisation and advanced analytics to provide visibility into its asset pools and networks
  • Identifying and addressing causes of inefficiency in end-to-end supply chains, driving value for customers and for Brambles
  • Using data-driven insights to create new customer solutions focused on improving business performance and sustainability
  • Creating a culture of data analytics experimentation, collaborating with customers in new ways to digitise supply chains

Make Brambles the natural partner of choice for supply chain customers, today and tomorrow

  • Creating an effortless customer experience, making it easy for customers to choose and stay with Brambles
  • Enhancing platform and service quality, focused on what makes a difference for customers and differentiating vs competition
  • Collaborating with customers to unlock new sources of value and solve shared supply chain problems
  • Investing in customer systems, data and insights to guide decisions

Deploy new technologies and ways of working to increase productivity and sustainability

  • Optimising its collection engine, improving asset control and reducing capital intensity
  • Standardising processes and controls to enhance the efficiency and resilience of its operations
  • Continuing plant and network automation journey
  • Removing waste from end-to-end supply chains by optimising networks with customers and suppliers

Reinvent the organisation, technology and processes to be simpler, more effective and efficient

  • Improving organisational efficiency through process simplification and automation
  • Building the technical foundations to support transformation, including updated IT tools and cloud migration
  • Attracting, retaining and empowering high-calibre people
  • Developing distinctive capabilities, notably in digital services, advanced analytics and automated supply chain

Operating Model

Brambles manages the world’s largest pool of reusable pallets, crates and containers. Through its inherently sustainable operating model, superior network advantage and industry expertise, Brambles leads the market in more efficient and sustainable supply chains.

Inherently Sustainable Operating Model

Brambles’ ‘share and reuse’ model follows the principles of the circular and sharing economies, creating more efficient supply chains by reducing operating costs and demand on natural resources. By promoting the ‘share and reuse’ of assets among multiple parties in the supply chain, Brambles offers customers a more efficient and sustainable alternative to disposable single-use products or managing their own proprietary platforms.

This inherently sustainable business model underpins Brambles’ position as a global leader in sustainability, which has consistently been recognised by industry bodies around the world, as outlined here . Building on this leadership position, Brambles has set an ambitious sustainability vision to pioneer regenerative supply chains, supported by its 2025 sustainability targets which are outlined in more detail here.

Network Advantage and Supply Chain Expertise

Brambles’ sustainable operating model is underpinned by its superior network advantage and industry-leading supply chain expertise, developed over 70 years of managing customers’ supply chains around the world. With operations in approximately 60 countries, Brambles’ network advantage comprises the scale and density of its service centre network and the strength of its customer relationships in every major market in which it operates. This means Brambles can be faster and more responsive to its customers' needs, and in times of uncertainty and increased volatility, more resilient and more reliable.

Transformation to Strengthen Competitive Advantage

Through the Shaping Our Future transformation programme, Brambles is investing to build on its existing competitive advantage by enhancing operational efficiency and increasing the value created across its customers’ supply chains. Investments to build the 'Brambles of the Future' include developing new business capabilities and identifying new sources of growth that will allow the business to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Share and reuse: How it works


Brambles provides standardised pallets, crates and containers to customers from its service centres as and when the customer requires.


Customers use this equipment and Brambles’ support services to transport goods through the supply chain.


Customers either arrange for the equipments return to Brambles or transfer it to another participant for reuse.

Using its network advantage and asset management expertise, Brambles seamlessly connects supply chain participants, ensuring the efficient flow of goods through the supply chain.

By reducing transport distances and the number of platforms required to service the supply chain, Brambles delivers savings in which all participants share.

Brambles retains ownership of its equipment at all times, inspecting, cleaning and repairing, to maintain appropriate quality levels.

Brambles generates sales revenue predominantly from rental and other service fees that customers pay based on their use of its platforms and services.

Brambles' Roadmap
to Net-Zero Emissions

We’re committing to net-zero
emissions by 2040

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Brambles’ 2025
Sustainability Targets

Brambles' roadmap to regeneration is driven by progress against the ambitious 2025 sustainability targets.

Brambles' performance against the targets is provided here. Further information will be available upon the release of Brambles' Sustainability Review in September 2022.

Learn more about our 2025 Sustainability Targets

Brambles’ Climate
Change Strategy

Brambles' initial TCFD communicated three climate-related themes that define its response to addressing climate change and its role in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy. Progress for FY22 against these themes is provided here.

Brambles’ Low-Carbon Advantage – A climate-related opportunity

Brambles' core business and 2025 sustainability targets define a leading climate strategy. The immediate and ongoing opportunities related to Brambles' low-carbon, circular business model outweigh short-term, climate-related risks in the decarbonising 1.5°C and 2°C climate scenarios.

Brambles’ Network Resilience - Climate-related risk and opportunity

The agility and scale of Brambles’ network and asset pools create an inherent resilience to supply chain shock, enabling greater responsiveness to customers before and after severe climate-related weather events.

Raw Material Supply Security and Continuity - climate-related risk

Longer-term climate-related risks relating to materials, specifically timber for pallets, are considered in Brambles’ strategic planning processes. This includes extensive mitigations already underway as part of procurement, supply chain and asset efficiency programmes.