A key part of Brambles’ strategy for long-term profitable growth is the organic expansion of its operations in specialist containers.
This includes growing CHEP's business providing containers for the transportation of components in the automotive manufacturing supply chain. CHEP's automotive operations in Europe are well established, while the emerging Asian automotive operations are growing strongly and CHEP has secured its first automotive contracts in the USA.
Another focus is CHEP's business providing intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for the movement of ingredients and materials in sectors such as food manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Brambles acquired CAPS in the USA in the 2011 financial year to assist with this strategy.
Brambles also entered the aviation container-pooling sector in the 2011 financial year, acquiring and investing in Unitpool, the leading independent provider of unit-load devices used for transporting cargo and baggage on aeroplanes.
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Aviation Pooling
Auto in India
CAPS Grows Strongly