In line with its commitment to customer quality and service, in the 2011 financial year CHEP USA advanced the rollout of Total Account Management (TAM), a program that enables CHEP and its customers to collaborate in areas of shared strategic value.
CHEP pallets in use at a Costco distribution centre near Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
TAM offers support for the customer across its entire network, from the provision of detailed analysis using high-level “dashboards” to monitor key metrics, through to site-level support and assistance with pallet reconciliation and stocktaking.
CHEP USA has now rolled out TAM to 19 customers, including household names such as cereal, snack and convenience food manufacturer Kellogg Company, meat producers Swift and Pilgrim’s, and dairy company HP Hood.
Dedicated CHEP USA people with a deep understanding of each customer’s business run each program, while collaboration between CHEP’s and the customer’s business planning software supports better analysis, ease of invoicing and reconciliation.
CHEP USA’s aim is to turn pallet customers into advocates for maximum integration with CHEP solutions throughout the supply chain, building on steps taken under CHEP USA’s business improvement program, Better Everyday, to improve quality and service.
TAM processes focus on issues such as helping to improve pallet control. TAM customers have been able to redeploy their own people away from pallet management while improving efficiency, accuracy and cycle times through the removal of reporting errors in relation to pallet usage.
For some TAM customers, the CHEP USA team now coordinates the annual pallet stock-take throughout their operations, providing real-time data that helps the customer optimise pallet usage and respond quickly to issues that can affect supply-chain efficiency.
Kellogg Company’s Director, Foreign Trade & Distribution, Linda Maupin says: “CHEP knows the supply chain and our customer base very well — in fact, they are one of the industry leaders. CHEP has made great improvements in the areas of quality and customer service over the last 18 months and TAM is another example of their commitment to their customers.”
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