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Eradicating empty transport miles

Leading Fast Moving Consumer Good companies are challenged by cost inflation, environmental impacts, and driver shortages in their logistics and transportation systems. Wasted and empty truck miles increase fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions, and can even increase delivery times – affecting profitability, and undermining efforts to make a positive contribution to society. They’re looking for collaborative solutions to reduce the cost and impact of their operations.


Transport is an increasingly problematic
source of cost and emissions for businesses


Empty running of freight transport and poor weight loading costs Europe around €160bn annually

– with more than 25% of journeys in the EU running with partial or empty loads, and 85 billion km of empty truck journeys

The Economist

Every year, US trucks drive 50 billion miles without cargo

– which represents 28% of the total distance they travel

UK Government

As the carbon intensity of power generation declines

– due to the changing energy mix, transportation is becoming a leading source of emissions in countries like the UK


Bringing together manufacturers and retailers to eradicate empty transport miles

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Transport Collaboration

Suppliers and retailers across Europe agree that collaboration is the key to saving wasted truck miles.

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Customer Insights

Perspectives from some of the world’s leading companies
on smarter and more sustainable supply chains

Breakthrough Challenge Areas

Eradicating empty transport miles is mission-critical for leading companies to grow responsibly and sustainably.

Within the Eradicating Empty Transport Miles agenda, Brambles' customers and solutions experts identified three specific breakthrough challenge areas where new collaborative approaches could unlock significant shared value:

How can companies work together to reduce empty transport miles, tackle transport price inflation, and the environmental impact of their logistics?

How can we contribute to a more efficient transport ecosystem overall – e.g. through a focus on hauliers, transport supply, warehouse space, distribution centres and city logistics?

How can we reduce wasted space and partially loaded trucks?

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