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Brambles' ESG navigator is designed to help interested stakeholders find relevant E, S, or G information. Material E, S and G information is presented in both Brambles' Annual Report and Sustainability Review.

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Sustainability Performance Data Summary

Brambles' annual Sustainability Performance Data Summary provides extensive data for key E and S metrics related to our sustainability programme. This resource is structured under our 'Positive; Planet, Business and Communities' framework, and where possible, provides comparitive annual data over 5 years.

As a company utilizing a business model built upon the principles of the circular economy, we provide tertiary packaging as a service. We are proud to state that substantially all of our operational expenses (OPEX), capital expenses (CAPEX), and revenue align with the EU taxonomy. This alignment is due to our significant contribution to the fourth climate and environmental objective, known as "The transition to a circular economy." We meet the technical screening criteria outlined in the Annex II of the Delegated Act for economic activities substantially contributing to the objectives of sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, pollution prevention and control, and protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems, specifically in section 5.5, which addresses product-as-a-service and other circular use- and result-oriented service models. In addition, we adhere to the requirements of the Disclosures Delegated Act.

Furthermore, as mandated by the EU taxonomy criteria, our operations do not cause significant harm to any of its other objectives. We also ensure that we meet the minimum social safeguard standards established by OECD and UN guidelines.

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ESG Recognitions

Brambles included in Bloomberg’s 2023 Gender Equality Index

Brambles is an inaugural recipient of the Terra Carta Seal, launched by the former Prince of Wales as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative at COP26

Brambles ranked 2nd most sustainable company in the world by Corporate Knights Global 100 list

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked Brambles #1 in its industry category in 2023

Rated A in Circular Economy Assessment by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Maximum AAA rating

Top 9% of companies assessed in our industry category

Constituent of the FTSE4Good index 2014‑2023

In 2024, CDP awarded Brambles double A- grades for forests and climate change, placing it in the leadership category

CHEP accredited as a 2024 Global Top Employer, holding Top Employer status in four regions and 26 countries