Profit and planet are no longer a compromise

Profit and planet are no longer a compromise

This is the Supply Change

This is the Supply Change This is the Supply Change Watch video

Everything we bring to the table  – our experience, our platforms, our logistics capabilities, our network density and our scale – enables our customers to reduce waste throughout their business and the world.

Every day we are working together with customers to build, connect and transform supply chains for the benefit of business and the planet. Creating better supply chains is at the heart of our business and also where we can have the greatest positive impact.CHEP undertook a transformation project in FY16 based around the central message that we can help our customers improve their supply-chain challenges and efficiencies while producing environmental benefits, an approach where profit and planet are no longer a compromise. The project produced a series of solutions built around the better end-to-end value, supply-chain capabilities and expertise, and the superior environmental benefits of CHEP’s share and reuse model. This equips CHEP’s commercial teams with the knowhow to communicate how CHEP’s solutions help our customers meet both profitability and sustainability goals.

CHEP North America helped our customers save over $20 million in supplychain costs through packaging improvements, product damage reduction, environmental performance, labor efficiencies and transportation synergies including reducing empty transport lanes by over 4.8 million kilometres.